(December 2018) We’re almost back!

We are excited to announce that we found our new location and are getting close to opening our new store on the corner of New Leicester Highway and Patton Avenue! Many of you have noticed the work being done on the space and we truly appreciate all the support and kind words. We think our short hiatus will be worth the wait.

Clover’s number one goal is to provide safe access to the highest quality medicine available to all people. In staying with that goal, we are happy to be rolling out our Low Income Assistance Program. We want to make sure everyone, including low income households, will have access to high quality CBD. Details on how to apply will be coming very soon.

We have have been working hard to source the finest quality CBD products in Western North Carolina and nationally, we think everyone will be excited to see what the new Clover has to offer. Aside from building partnerships with the top hemp farms across the country, we are in the process of structuring our own farm. We will be growing medical grade indoor hydroponic CBD as well as traditional field grown hemp. Be on the lookout for some top shelf CBD flowers from Clover Farms next season.

Clover will be launching our very own line of CBD products shortly as well. We have been having a lot of fun, and working hard, doing research and development with some of the top scientific minds in the industry on a whole line of high potency CBD products that will come in at affordable prices.

Check back soon for updates!

Clover CBD