Low Income Assistance Program

One of Clover CBD’s main goals is to provide high quality CBD to everyone. Anyone can apply for our Low Income Assistance Program. In order to apply we require a copy of last years tax returns and for you, or your household, to be under the federal poverty level. If you do not have tax returns, please fill out the form below and we can find alternative methods to verify your income.

If you apply and qualify for our Low Income Assistance Program, you will be eligible for a 40% discount off all products in our store. We will also do our best to pair you farmers or manufacturers for more discounts or potentially free products if you are not able to afford the 40% off.

We ask that you only use the discount for yourself. The discount cannot be paired with other promotional offers. Please do not email us any documents that contain personal information. Please bring copies of your paperwork to our West Asheville location.


Please complete the form below if you have questions about applying or want to donate

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